The New Path to Finance of Real Estate and Businesses

Five very experienced executives are pooling their talents to take advantage of a unique and very lucrative opportunity provided by the JOBS Act and Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg. CF). Under new rules, millions of new investors will have access to the private placement marketplace once reserved for wealthier, accredited investors only.

Are you a Real Estate Professional?

Let us show you how to form a syndicate of local investors to buy the property with you in the lead. It is fast, inexpensive and you will not have to share the commission with the buyers’ broker. You also get a management fee, re-leasing fees, up to 8 other fees you can learn about and at least ½ of the resale commission and a portion of the profit when the property is sold.

Are you an Entrepreneur?

If you are challenged by your options in gathering funds to start or expand your business imagine an SBA loan you don’t have to repay. Effectively, our program will allow you to directly engage investors offering them value, not necessarily equity on your terms. We will structure your deal and find you the investors that are seeking opportunities like yours all at roughly half the price of other methods.

Are you an Investor?

Our approach blends the acumen of sophisticated investors who know and live this kind of investing with the broad market of small investors who demonstrate the market for the business. In addition, FINRA regulated investment portals and more certain financial assumptions are a requirement for investments we work with while a rarity in other private equity offers.