Learn More about Business Funding via Syndication

If you are an investor here are answers to frequently asked questions

Are you an entrepreneur who wants funding on his own terms?  

Are you willing to put in the effort, and a slightly higher cost of money than a bank loan to do it?

You’ve probably seen crowdfunding sites.  Dozens, if not hundreds of listings from platforms that know little about actually raising capital for businesses. We do it better for a simple reason.  We’ve been doing it for decades.

While 97% of businesses rely on lending, such as SBA loans, for the funding they need to achieve their goals, 100% of those businesses are bound to terms of the lender and they will likely require the first repayment 30 days from providing you the loan, whether or not you are producing revenue.

We can empower you to create your own terms. You may have valuable ownership shares, a royalty on your future sales, or other assets that can be leveraged to provide a return to investors excited at the prospect of funding the next big thing. For some examples of how this works, we encourage you to review our white paper on this.

A Flowchart of the Syndication Process

Some commonly asked questions and answers.

Here are answers to frequently asked questions by entrepreneurs