Turnkey Investment Platforms for Real Estate Professionals

As a local real estate broker you often get the opportunity to list a property that you know is an attractive investment. If you are lucky, there may be interest from multiple buyers, each of whom may be represented by different brokers. There will be multiple walks through, a lot of questions, dickering, and back and forth. One, two or three deals may fall through. You may not close for months and the seller is not likely to get the full asking price.

Let us show you how to form a syndicate of local investors to buy the property with you in the lead. It is fast, inexpensive and you will not have to share the commission with the buyers’ broker. You also get a management fee, re-leasing fees, at least ½ of the resale commission and a portion of the profit when the property is sold. The seller will get the full asking price, usually within 45 days. That will certainly enhance your reputation in the marketplace.

We offer a turn-key package with everything that you will need and a lot of hand holding if you need it.

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