Devin Thorpe of the Crowdfund Professionals Association

Listen to the Professor and Devin Thorpe discuss who can and should be at the forefront of addressing issues keeping the crowdfunding industry from fulfilling the promise of crowdfunding.

The Super Crowd, Inc., a public benefit corporation, founder and CEO Devin Thorpe is a bestselling author who calls himself a champion of social good. He serves as the 2023 president of the Crowdfunding Professional Association. He travels extensively as a volunteer doing service, as a new-media journalist finding heroes, and as a speaker sharing what he’s learned. As a Forbes Contributor, he covered social entrepreneurship and impact investing, reaching an audience of over 2 million people. He has produced over 1,200 episodes of his podcast featuring luminary change agents, including Bill Gates. His books—read over 1 million times—help people do more good. He has helped nonprofits raise millions of dollars via crowdfunding. He draws on his experience as an investment banker, CFO, treasurer, and U.S. Senate staffer. He earned an MBA at Cornell. Frequently finding himself on airplanes, Devin is grateful to be middle-seat-sized.