About Us

With over four decades of experience in securities, real estate, banking, and technology we are uniquely qualified to make this game changing offer.

Jeffrey Brandon


Jeffrey Brandon has spent more than forty years helping bring financial services to investors, both retail and institutional,  and helping companies raise investment capital. Mr. Brandon has held numerous Security Industry licenses. Mr. Brandon earned a B.A. in International Economics and Organic Chemistry from The Ohio State University/Wright State University. From 1999-2006 Mr. Brandon was a branch manager and corporate Vice President for Wedbush Morgan Securities in San Francisco.  In this capacity, he participated in the due diligence efforts on private offerings, alternative investments and cash management to name a few. Since 2006 Mr. Brandon has worked as an executive vice-president for a succession of companies raising funds in the private equity markets.

Bill Joyce


Bill Joyce is a visionary and crowdfunding pioneer.  Mr. Joyce’s accounting, finance, and international banking background has served him well in both the banking and computer industries, where his primary focus was on organizational development and project management.  Mr. Joyce remains very engaged in the development of team solutions for small and entrepreneurial opportunities.  Mr. Joyce is the founder of CrowdFund Roundup and Vision Management.  He is often sought out for insight by crowdfunding leaders because of his progressive thinking and his vision for start-up businesses because of his three decades experience in banking and management consulting.

David L. Oldani


David Oldani’s entire business career has been in understanding the sales process and helping companies achieve results.  Mr. Oldani has written and customized many sales training programs and is the author of a two thorough sales audits, “The Sellington Sales Audit” and “Sales Capture”.  Some of his past clients include Ford Motor Company, Merrill Lynch, the St. Louis Cardinals, FedEx, and Scottrade, as well as hundreds of small to medium sized companies.  In addition to working at several Fortune 500 companies, Mr. Oldani has owned and operated several of his own businesses including his own sales consulting company

Adam Pressman


Adam Pressman is a business builder and business transformation consultant with extensive national and global resources.  He is a proven and skilled public speaker and an innovative facilitator. This allows him to build self-sustaining teams and help clients grow revenues while improving the alignment of their strategy, process, and people – all focused on the customer to get results quickly and consistently.  The clients Mr. Pressman helped make millions will tell you that besides the best in professional performance development, he brought whatever differentiating little bit was needed to complete the success of the mission, product or project.  Sometimes it was sales or marketing savvy.  Sometimes it was systems thinking and the kind of strategy that avoids unintended consequences and delivers superlative results.  Sometimes it was subject matter expertise in exactly what technology and people could do to always do the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, with the right people and for the right reasons.

Irwin Stein


Irwin Stein has conducted due diligence investigations working with top-tier law firms, accountants and investment bankers preparing public and private offerings. Mr. Stein earned a B.A. from Rutgers University in American Economic History and a JD from the New York Law School. He has been a member of the New York bar since 1975. Mr. Stein was trained and licensed in all aspects of financial services industry operations as an in-house attorney for Paine Webber Jackson and Curtis, Inc. and EF Hutton & Company. From 1979-1987 he engaged in the private practice of law, representing financial industry firms, companies seeking capital and professional traders and investors. In 1988-89 Mr. Stein served as General Counsel of a real estate firm which operated multi-family housing units and assisted-living facilities worth $1.5 billion in 23 states. During his tenure, he supervised 2 public and 5 private securities offerings. For ten years beginning in 1990, Mr. Stein taught Economics, Law and Economics, Finance and related courses, as an Adjunct Assistant Professor, to business school students at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. He was a member of the faculty budget committee for 5 years, serving one year as its chairperson. At the same time, Mr. Stein became active as an expert witness, helping litigants to dissect securities offerings that had failed. He has qualified and testified as an expert witness more than 100 times. From 2001-2014 Mr. Stein was a full-time advocate representing hundreds of investors who had lost their money in the 2001 tech wreck and 2008 financial meltdown.